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Product Highlight: Norwex Descaler

How do you decide which cleaning products to purchase with so many options on the market? It can certainly be overwhelming, and that’s why the team at Pura Vida is here to make your choice a little bit easier. Today we are going to highlight one of our all-time favourite products for cleaning bathtubs, showers, taps and more – the Norwex Descaler.

What does it do?

Norwex Descaler removes hard water stains, soap scum, calcium, lime and rust from your tap fixtures, toilets, bathtubs, and shower doors like it’s nothing. It’s safe to use on glass, stainless steel, plastic, porcelain, aluminum, ceramic tile and vinyl; however, make sure you don’t use the Descaler on granite, natural stone or any surface where natural acids may cause damage.

Why is it great?

Not only is Norwex Descaler a highly effective cleaner, it is also environmentally friendly and rid of harsh chemicals that many descaling products contain. Plant based citric acid (among other ingredients) is how the Descaler is able to effortlessly remove scum while saving you time, money and the environment.

The Descaler is not tested on animals, is non-flammable, has environmentally friendly packaging, a non-aerosol pump and is 86% composed of renewable and biological products.

How do you use it?

Step 1: Spray the Descaler on the surface you wish to clean.

Step 2: Before grabbing your microfiber cloth let the Descaler sit and soak into the grime for at least 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: Take your damp microfiber cloth and wipe away the Descaler to expose a sparkling surface. Repeat this process for extremely dirty areas.

Note: Always test new cleaning products on a small, concealed area before starting your full clean. Norwex Descaler is not for use on any cookware besides coffee pots.

Making the switch to Norwex makes the most sense for your health, time, money and the environment. If you’re as sold as we are on the Norwex Descaler, click the link below to order yours today:

Not convinced that Norwex is for you? Check out these videos for more details:

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