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Exercise While you Clean!

Did you know that cleaning your house could also be a fantastic workout? No, seriously, I mean it! It all comes down to how you engage your body while completing your every day chores. If you aren’t a fan of the gym and feel like you never have time to workout, check out some of the suggestions below and let us know how they worked for you!

Some things to keep in mind…

· Wear comfortable, flexible clothes. This will allow you to fully engage with your cleaning/workout and move around freely.

· Put on some music! Music is a great way to get motivated. Pick your favourite genre and let the cleaning fly by.

· Be careful! If you want to make cleaning a workout, the speed at which you clean will definitely make a difference. However, this also means it can be easier to trip, slip or fall. Don’t wear socks – barefoot or clean, indoor gym shoes are ideal.

Vacuuming, Mopping and Sweeping

· Each time you extend your vacuum, mop etc. engage your core and step into a full lunge. When you bring your vacuum towards you, bring your feet together.

· Alternate legs with each step forward.

· If you’re polishing your floor, grab two cloths and hold a high plank position while using your hands to polish the floor in circular motions.

Organizing & Rearranging

· Squats are a fantastic exercise that can be utilized everywhere! If you’re rearranging a room or moving some boxes to your storage unit, squatting with a proper lift technique will get your glutes burning in no time.

· If you find yourself going up and down the stairs frequently, try taking two steps at a time. Avoid holding the bannister if you can.

· If you have time, go up and down the stairs a couple times and feel how easy it’s to get that heart rate up.

In the meantime…

· Whenever you’re waiting for water to boil, clothes to finish drying, the dishwasher to finish its cycle etc. get into the kitchen and do a quick upper body workout!

· Counter top push ups are an easy and effective way to work your chest muscles.

· In between your push up sets, find some cans (or a container) that is a comfortable but challenging weight and do some bicep curls.

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