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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

If you're like most people, folding a fitted sheet is both frustrating and cumbersome. Most of the time I would end up rolling the sheet into a ball just to be done with it! That was until I found these helpful tips (and videos) that show step by step how to fold the most daunting of the bed sheets. Take a look below to learn more! Step 1: Grab two corners lengthwise, and flip those two corners inside out (where the elastic is facing you, and you can see the inner seams). Leave the bottom of the sheet facing outwards.

Step 2: Put the right hand corner, over the left hand corner, making sure the seams line up. You should see the elastic from both sides line up neatly. Switch hands and move down the elastic to find the next corner. Step 3: At this point, the sheet is essentially folded in half. Repeat step 2 with the two new corners in your hands. All the elastics should be lined up at this point.

Step 4: Lay down your sheet on a flat surface. You should see the elastic make a "L" shape. Take the elastic side and fold in a third of the way. Take the other side, and fold over top. Your fitted sheet should now be a rectangle, which you can fold in half or thirds, whichever you prefer!

Still confused? Take a look at this tutorial by Bed Bath and Beyond, and let us know if this helped!

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