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How to Keep Under the Kitchen Sink Tidy

Is under your kitchen sink a frightening sight? If so, look no further, as we have a great list of tips and tricks to make the space under your kitchen sink functional and organized.

1) First off, remove everything from under the sink. Are there any products, sponges etc. that have been there for far too long? Take those products out and dispose of them.

2) Take an inventory of which cleaning products you currently have. Are you out of dish soap or glass cleaning solution? Have your cleaning brushes seen better days? Compile a list of items you need to purchase and/or replace.

3) Get under sink organizers. There are many shelving and basket units to choose from. Check out some options, here.

4) Utilize your cabinet door. The cabinet door is a great space to store small products, garbage bags, sponges etc. Make sure you don't pack your cupboard with too many products, preventing the cabinet door from closing.

Do you have tried and true ways that keep under your sink organized? We'd love to hear if you do!

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