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Keep Your Cables Organized

Do you struggle to keep your cables organized? Is under your desk, behind your TV or power strip bar cluttered to the point you can’t tell which cord goes to which device? Don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone. Here are some ideas to preserve your cables, keep them organized and help you regain your sanity!

Firstly, let’s talk about how to properly wrap your cords for storage/travel. Wrapping your cords too tight will bend the wires and typically leads to a short life span for the cord. Instead, create large loops with no harsh bends.

If you’re looking for a quick fix to your messy cable woes, try this cable organizer on Amazon.

This handy device keeps all cords hidden and protected by a high density, flame retardant plastic.

Labeling your cords with coloured duct tape is an easy, DIY trick that won’t have you guessing which cord is which. Label your cords and put them away for storage, or label cords that are plugged in with smaller pieces of duct tape or even bread ties.

Once under your desk is organized, you’ll want to have easy access to your everyday cords and chargers. Try out this contraption (also found on Amazon).

This organizer will never have you scrambling through cords again. Instead, it makes charging multiple devices a quick and painless process.

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