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Protect Your Floors From Winter Salt

Winter salt is a great tool for preventing icy collisions, slips, trips and falls. However, the tiny grains, when tracked inside your home, can wreak havoc on your floors. Here are some easy ways to protect and clean your floors this winter, making them last for years to come.

How does salt damage your floors?

When you think of the purpose of deicing salt, it’s to break down the ice to avoid slipping. So, what do you think it’s made of? It’s made of high pH, corrosive materials that easily reacts with the finish on your floors and causes unsightly residue.

Also, anything that is coarse and granular will inevitably cause damage. If left unattended, the salt grains can make their way into the soles of slippers and scratch your floors for weeks.

How do you protect your floors?

Protecting your floors comes down to being diligent about not bringing outside shoes inside. This is the best way to prevent salt from being trekked in. Have a designated mat and area where shoes stay.

Tip: have your favourite cozy slippers/inside shoes easily accessible so there’s no temptation for a quick “tip toe” through the house.

Regularly clean your floors. If you notice salt grains on the floor, vacuum immediately. If you notice snow melt, wipe up with a microfiber cloth. It really is that easy!

Tip: be careful when using a broom to clean up salt. The grains can catch on the bristles and will be dragged on your floors, causing more scratches and headaches for you.

Didn’t get to a snow melt area in time, and now there’s a stain? No worries. Try using a slightly damp microfiber cloth to wipe up the area. If you notice the residue is still there, try using a vinegar and water mixture (1 cup vinegar/gallon). Apply a small amount of the vinegar/water solution to a microfiber cloth and clean in gentle, circular motions. Dry right away to avoid further damage. Always test your mixture on a small hidden area to make sure it doesn’t react negatively with your floors.

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