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Spring Yard Maintenance

Spring is officially here, and I’m sure everyone is excited to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and fresh spring air. This week we’re going to look at the most efficient way to do a yard clean up while also preparing your lawn and flowerbeds.

Step 1: Yard clean up. Once the snow has fully melted, go around and pick up any garbage or debris that accumulated over the winter months. If you have a dog, this would be the time to pick up their waste. Giving your lawn a good once over before starting anything else will help promote healthy grass that will last all season. Make sure you wear gloves while you clean, just in case you come across glass.

Next, rake your lawn. This will also promote grass growth while removing dead twigs and leaves.

If you have a cluttered yard, take inventory of the items and

determine what to keep, donate or throw away.

Step 2: Maintain your tools. Before going further into your yard clean up, evaluate the condition of your garden tools. For example, inspect your lawnmower, garden shears, etc. to ensure the blades are sharp and rust free. Take note if you need to acquire any parts or materials before spring is in full swing.

Step 3: Tidy your garden beds. While it’s still too early to be planting in Stony Plain – waiting until after the May long weekend is the general rule of thumb – you can still begin prepping your beds for planting. Dispose of dead leaves, twigs and weeds, determine if you’re replacing or adding any plants, while also researching various fertilizers, composts or other soil amendments to fit your planting needs.

Step 4: Pruning. Only prune what is dead, damaged or diseased on your trees, shrubs and perennials. Make sure to do research on the plants in your garden to determine the best time to prune, as it can differ per plant. Ultimately, you want to avoid pruning any new growth.

Step 5: Clean your patio and patio furniture. If you have metal or plastic outdoor furniture, simply rinse with your garden hose and wipe down with a bucket of warm soapy water (dish detergent works great).

If you have wicker furniture, wipe down with a damp cloth (you can use mild soap if you wish), getting into grooves and corners.

Let your patio furniture dry fully before using.

Sweep your patio free of mud and rocks. To wash a concrete patio, try making a baking soda and water mixture, leave on the patio for approximately 30 minutes and then scrub/wash off. Keep in mind you may need a pressure washer if your patio is heavily stained.

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