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The Top 10 Places you Forget to Clean

No matter how thoroughly we think we’re cleaning our homes, some spots always seem to get missed. Over time, these places start to accumulate dust and debris that can be quite a pain to clean when they finally catch your attention. Here are the top 10 places you probably haven’t cleaned in quite some time.

1) Behind the toilet. You’d be surprised how frequently this one gets missed! When cleaning the toilet, we think of the toilet bowl, lid, seat, front and sides. However, even though it can be a pain to reach, giving the back of the toilet a wipe down is important if you want to fully clean your bathroom.

2) Baseboards. I know baseboards are the last thing I’m thinking about when I’m cleaning the house. However, it’s important to give them a wipe down with a warm cloth to prevent dust accumulation at least once a month. Extra points if you pull furniture away from the wall and wipe those hidden baseboards as well.

3) The shower curtain. We always think about cleaning the shower and tub, but what about the shower curtain? If you’ve never replaced your shower curtain, now is the time to do so! If you have, it’s probably due time to run it through the washing machine.

4) Top/underneath of the fridge (and all appliances). Use a ladder or step stool to get a birds eye view of all your appliances. You’ll probably be grossed out by how much dust is up there! Wipe down the tops and vacuum underneath your appliances every couple weeks or so.

5) Your keyboard, mouse and remote control. If you have kids, you know that remotes and other electronics can easily become sticky. Not to mention the tiny crevices and buttons lead to lots of debris build up. Take a look at the best way to clean your electronics here.

6) Door frames and knobs. Next time you’re opening your bedroom door, try to think of the last time you specifically cleaned the knob and frame. It’s probably been a while. If anyone in your family has come down with a cold, it’s so important to wipe down all doorknobs frequently.

7) Light fixtures. Try using a Q-tip to get into tight corners and rid your light fixtures of grime and debris build up.

8) Blinds. Try Norwex’s new dusting mitt. It’ll make dusting your blinds a breeze!

9) House plants. Fake or real, plants accumulate dust too. Use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe down at least once a month.

10) Picture frames. Feel free to use the dusting mitt for picture frames and other small ornaments you have in your living room, bedroom etc.

What are we missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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