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The Right Way to Clean Your Bathroom

No one enjoys cleaning the bathroom, but if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it as quickly and effectively as possible. It’s recommended to clean your bathroom every 1-2 weeks as, I’m sure you can imagine, it can get pretty gross really quick. Instead of procrastinating and making it worse, we’ve outlined our top tips that will get your bathroom sparkling again in no time.

1) Get together your cleaning supplies. You’re going to have a much easier time if you have the right tools for the job. What we recommend for the bathroom is Norwex Descaler, as it works like a dream! Not only is it tough on scum and grime, it's also environmentally friendly. Take a look HERE for more details.

You’ll also need a mop, warm bucket of soapy water, broom/vacuum, microfiber cloths, and gloves.

2) Remove items from the counter and in the shower. Clear a space so you have full access to the sink, tub, shower etc. Take the garbage can out and throw dirty towels and bath mats in the laundry.

3) Now that your area is clear, sweep or vacuum dust, hair, and other debris. Make sure to get into tight corners, and don’t forget to get up high and give your fan, vents, and light fixtures a vacuum.

4) Next, spray Norwex Descaler (or whichever product(s) you choose) on the tub, shower walls/door, sink, faucets, toilet etc. Make sure to follow label directions on what your cleaners of choice can and cannot be applied on.

5) After waiting 5-10 minutes, start with the sink/vanity area. Clean top to bottom and left to right, preferably with a microfiber cloth. Make your way over to the tub/shower and do the same thing.

Tip: wiping your shower down after each use will decrease the amount of moisture and, consequently, mildew! This quick trick will make your actual bathroom clean that much easier.

6) Time for the toilet. After letting your toilet cleaner sit in the bowl for at least 5 minutes, clean with a toilet brush and flush. Wipe down the seat, around the base, behind and on top. Wipe again with a dry cloth. Phew! The worst of it is over.

7) Mop the floors with warm soapy water and let dry. Put your items back into place. Replace your towels. And just like that, you’re done!

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