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Spring Cleaning 2021

While it’s still early, it seems like spring has sprung in Stony Plain! We will probably have a couple more cold days, and maybe another snowfall (hopefully not), however, it’s pretty safe to say the worst of winter is over. That also means it’s time for your yearly spring cleaning checklist from Pura Vida that will get your home refreshed in no time.

Open up windows on a nice day and let that fresh spring air in. If your home is feeling stuffy from the winter months, this is a fast way to freshen up your home.

Focus on de-cluttering first. Instead of moving something around 15 times, determine if you actually use it. If not, start to make piles and label: stuff to donate, sell, and throw away. This will help free up some space and limit the amount of cleaning you have to do in the long run.

After you’ve de-cluttered your space, start with the room in the house you despise cleaning the most. Get the worst over with first! Whichever space that happens to be, clean it top to bottom. You’ll most likely need:

· Vacuum cleaner

· Dusting cloth

· Mop

· Broom

· Bucket of warm soapy water

· Your favourite natural and eco-friendly cleaners (take a look at our blog post on green cleaning here)

· Extra rags

· Bin designated for dirty laundry

· Any other products/appliances that make your cleaning experience easier!

Starting at the top, take your time noticing areas where dust and debris could’ve accumulated without you noticing. Move furniture around and really get into every corner. While this can be time consuming, it’ll ensure your spring clean is thorough and long lasting.

Plus you can always pick up the pace and make your spring clean a workout as well! Not only will you get your cleaning checklist done faster, you’ll work up a sweat in the meantime. Check out our last blog post here for tips on how to incorporate exercise into your cleaning routine.

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